Monday, December 6, 2010

I looked on our TOKI DOKI calender this evening, just glancing at it, and saw this little knitting lamb on it! I got so excited about it that I felt sort of silly afterwards
SO cute!

This is our schedule so far for the near future

Speaking of the Honeybun, he's at the office late this evening so he texted me to say that I should just do "whatever" for dinner, but since it's not Mac N Cheese Friday, I opted for some Ramen to warm me up

I completely brain farted this weekend and forgot that a co-worker asked me to make her some pom poms for a sweater she was crocheting, after seeing the pom pom ornaments on my Christmas Tree scarf last week. So I hurried and got 2 done last night before I went to sleep and finished the other one while at work today.
Chocolate pop tarts for brekky are the only way for a Champions Breakfast to be consumed!

And last but not least, here is our GALLANT GENTLEMAN GINGERBREAD, still growing. Day 2!
day 2

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