Monday, October 15, 2012

Milk Teeth

i live in a different city. i am dating someone different. my brain is different. everything is different. i didn't dwell on someone who didn't wanna be with me, but i complain about our relationship a lot. or, what it was i guess.
i play jokes on my room mates with my other room mates and i don't drink as much soda any more.

i have a job where i get crickets for people, ring their beer up, and laugh at things they say when they aren't exactly that funny.

Friday, August 17, 2012

this is what i am wearing


today has been real lazy. last night i made my first hat of the season with a big fat ol pom pom on the top. i think i am going to call them Pom Bum Pom hats. because i like the way 'bum' sounds and it goes well with pom pom? i guess. any way, now it's time for some coffee, a shower with my new shampoo and some major slummin' around the house

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

doin just what i want

cool dress i made a few weeks ago, makin its rounds to all my social networking accounts. recently ive been okay with making myself stuff, but not making others stuff. i have some things i need to work on real bad for other people, but have been so bad at it here recently. my pal came and hung out with me yesterday. him and i got Greek food, watched Greek music videos and went thrifting. i am still getting used to the fact that i cant call my best friend and tell her to get her butt to my house, and she cant text me and say that she needs to come over.phewf, this has been a real silly summer

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

night terrors nothin

ive been stayin out of town a lot. thats okay though.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

bummer butt

the last coupla days ive been real bummed out. yesterday it was cos i didnt wanna walk in the heat to Lorelei's and go to the poetry readin and today it was because we got a flat tire so we couldnt go to my best friends going away shindig. i guess its okay,though because i sat around in my new underwear and sewed. and drank some baja sody pop. i need to pack and clean this week cos i am leavin for a week on thurpsday. sooooo that would probably be nice to do...but all the dishes are dirty,we have no plates because i just havent felt like doin em. you ever get that way? ya.

heres a pipture.

bye have a good day