Sunday, December 5, 2010


Around 547 Main Street S, has been kind of busy this week! I worked Monday-Saturday and we threw in a Christmas party for the Sheriff's Department(chock full of yummy food and an Elvis impersonator!),a few parades and decorating the house for the holidays!
Our tree is well on its way to Super Tree with an eclectic variety of ornaments and other things
as well as this lil baby we bought for it tonight:

I also vowed to not use commercial wrapping paper this year. I have a buuuunch of bingo papers and scrap fabrics that we are going to use. This is the first present under the tree! It's a present for Josh with silk fabric and a bingo paper tag!
recycled christmas
Some ornament high lights thus far:
a kitty from and a clay dinosaur that i made from a tutorial on scrumdillydilly which directs you to CraftZine!
my growing gingerbread set on Flickr will be documenting the days 1-10 of our Growing Gingerbread! It says "10 days to maximum growth" so we'll see!

my hair was also in ultimate Super Bun mode today

This is what I wore to go buy the tree skirt
cardigan - thrifted
sweater underneath - thrifted
shirt underneath that - thrifted
skirt - handmade. vintage skirt w/ home made tea pot stencil
tights - thrited
converse - ebay
vintage purse - thrifted

Josh called to say he was on his way home while the timer was going so I just went ahead and answered it! :)

Onto misc stuff: I did a new blog layout today as well as some new gadgets and stuff! I'm excited to keep blogging consistently(hopefully...)


  1. love your outfit and your white tree. OMG.

  2. I told Josh that I was going to get a white tree this year. It's OUR first Christmas tree and I was so excited! :)