Monday, December 6, 2010

Hot Cup of J....Hot Chocolate!

Aw man! I had to dig and dig in my cupboard but I KNEW that I bought a box of Hot Chocolate when it first started getting cold. Then it went up into the 80s so I said forget it and put it in the back of the cupboard until..TONIGHT!
Josh is still at the office and I feel really weird/nervous going to bed without him home so I've been keeping myself busy with crocheting projects and The Simpsons on DVD. I have SO many half projects done(1 legwarmer, 1 fingerless mitten, etc etc)that I need to finish but just haven't had the motivation here recently. Hopefully soon! *Crosses fingers*
not made yet :(

hot water!

fluffy puffies


yum yum

XO! Stay warm tonight!


  1. Who is having a serious craving for hot chocolate? This girl!!

  2. Getchya some! I had some more tonight but I think I'm going to upgrade to a better brand because it takes 2 packets of this particular(Nestle brand)hot chocolate to get it the right amount of chocolatey goodness that I crave!