Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I keep getting sinus headaches while at work but I think some of it is from stress of other co-workers which really sucks, but I think that stress is a factor at ANY job you'll have.
That's okay.
After I got off of work, I went to the library to pick up some crocheting books. They had more knitting books than crocheting so I may try a neighboring city's library next time.
crochet books

When I got out of the library I had a voic email! I guess I didn't get service in the library but it was my boss at work telling me to call him about a customer's order. I didn't know what that meant because I had a pretty easy going day, no real problems or anything. Apparently one of the people that came through my line at work said that she only had 1 "Pick 5"(you can pick 5 meats for 19.99$, a pretty good deal if you eat a lot of meat)but she had been charged for 4. I told my boss that no, she had 4 and the gentleman she was with said that he had 4. I had told the gentleman that he in fact had 3, with 4 separate meats but if he went and got another 1 that he would have a full 4 pick 5. I explained that it was a woman who was in a wheelchair and that I confirmed that the last 2 items that I rung up from them was a 3lb bag of yellow onions and a bag of red potatoes.
But a woman came in that wasn't with them. I told him that it was only the woman in the wheelchair and the gentleman, not any other person was with them. They paid with food stamps and the food stamps total came to 288.something$.
She was trying to get her money back for food that she says she didn't purchase but got charged with, but she DID purchase them! It made me very disturbed that someone would do that.
Any way, on to more positive things!
when I got home, I had mail!
A new zine to read from School For Maps.

long hairs & teddy bear hair pin
I wore my teddy bear hair clip to work today. I used some puffy paint to make a bow on it the other night but it kind of looks like the teddy bear's head is split in half and stuff is oozing out.
day 3
day 3 of Growing Gingerbread! Josh says he isn't growing but I think he is!

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