Tuesday, September 13, 2011

new things happening?

I gave a shot at making macadamia nut cheese last night. I haven't tried it yet but it looks like it turned out ok.

mac nuts for cheese

We got the OK to keep bees within the city limits, so that was pretty great. This morning I went out with Ethel and Jean and tended to our rescue puppies with medicines, picking up poop, playing, leash training and taking their pictures. This evening we had our S.C.A.R meeting at Ethel's home. It's breath painstakingly gorgeous! Her and her husband are currently re-doing the inside of it into all hard wood; the floors, ceiling, walls, everything! It's so great!

state of mississippi

a patch I made the other night

and finally, a full moon view from our bathroom window this evening
full moon from the bathroom
i thought it was funny. full moon...bathroom window...har har


  1. I'll have to try making macadamia nut cheese, I bet it's awesome.

    Love the patch!

  2. wow, jealous about your beekeeping. question: how did you get this blog ~out there~ for people to read?