Monday, September 26, 2011


I've not been doing a lot.

I have a lump in my breast(my mammogram is finally tomorrow), I quit at Wal-Mart and got my job back at Vowell's, I finally have a craft night tomorrow evening, had a crafternoon last week, and have met a lot of great people here recently. I went to the Soil and Conservation office last week with Josh, to talk to the USDA guy about his resources with community gardening and got a lot of leads, so I hope to look into those very soon.

lunch at work the other day

dinner tonight

dinner tonight

yawny yawny

crafting at natalie's last week

crafting at natalie's last week

I planted lettuce and potatoes so far for the fall. I planted 3 lettuce in the soil in front of my house, 1 lettuce in a large pot on my patio and 1 potato in the soil in front of my house. The lettuce in the soil aren't doing so well and it's because the soil has never been taken care of so it's lacking a lot of nutrients, the potato seems to be doing okay, it has some flowering. The lettuce in the pot is growing rapidly and I am very excited about it.
We haven't moved ahead on the beekeeping front, yet. A lot of financial stuff has come up here recently and we're strapped, but we're hoping to look into it soon.

This also means I can mark 2 things off of my list - craft night & yearly mammogram.

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  1. Yummy looking food! And I wish you luck with the mammogram.