Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Craft Night

homemade top

What a good day today was! I went to my mammogram, clean bill! She said she didn’t see anything that anyone should worry about that I’ll get a more comprehensive letter in the mail explaining what the results are, and what they mean. Josh and I went to lunch where I probably ate more hush puppies than a human should, but is there such a thing on a limit with hush puppies? We picked up some felt for this evening and then he dropped me back off at home so that he could go back to the office. I went to sleep and didn’t wake up until he had gotten home and it was time for me to go to Craft Night at my pal, Natalie’s, home. We had a really fun time. Broccoli and cheese soup, felt flowers and plenty of conversation and music courtesy of Pandora!

This is the top I made last night, attached to it are the felt flowers I made this evening!

felt flowers from craft night

craft night dinner

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