Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweet potato pancakes! and tomato facials!

sweet potato pancakes!!

tomato facial!

Today I went and washed some laundry and then hung them up in the backyard on the line to dry. We had some sweet potato pancakes(finally!) for dinner tonight.
There's some semi-local non-profit drama going on that breaks my heart, right now. A gal who is 9 years old and has muscular dystrophy is currently selling lemonade to raise money to go to camp this year. Well, she takes pre-orders, and then goes to different cities so that these people can pick them up. Well, she went to the Outlets at Vicksburg today, and they ran her off, after they had already been there for 3 hours while they were cleaning up to go. They posted some half assed "explanation" trying to justify what they did, but someone has even posted something about how the Miss Mississippi pageant has bake sales on their sidewalks all the time and nobody ever says anything to them. Ridiculous! Will not be spending ANY money there! I'm also so happy to see the uprisal about this. People have been flooding the outlet's Facebook page, and they've been deleting them if they don't praise them for what they did, but the gal posted everything that happened, and they're flooding the page again. Awesome!

Furthermore, we have a freezer full of corn on the cob and watermelon. Recipes? Suggestions?

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