Saturday, June 25, 2011

update on community pot luck + weekend happenings!

braxton day in the park

Today we went and picked up 66 ears of corn from Josh's pal's produce stand(1/2 put in bags in the fridge for Natalie and the rest of our 33 are dispersed between the crisper and our freezer) and then we headed out to Braxton, Mississippi to go to their Day in the Park, which was more or less a political forum, as is anything going on in the county right now, at least until November. They had a man there from the Jackson Zoo who had a number of different snakes, a ferret, a leopard tortoise and a bird. It was pretty fun. We got burger plates courtesy of the Mayor of Braxton. I've decided to slowly increase my intake of meat again. I have a lot of contingencies around it, but we'll see.

Josh went to D'Lo's Day in the Park, provided by the NAACP. He spoke to some people that he sees on a regular basis, a former chairman of the NAACP and the current chairman of the NAACP, about my community pot luck dinner that I want to do. He explained why I wanted to do it and things like that and they were completely behind it, and in support of it! They said they would bring as many people as possible, which makes me so very excited! I'm going to be in contact with them soon on my exact intentions and things, because I didn't think that he would talk to anyone about it, because it's not something him and I have talked too terribly much about. I do know that I want to hit up the junk stores around here to stock up on plates & cups because I also want to in a way, exploit reducing yr waste as well.

The other day, I made raw ice cream! It's one of the things that I have on my list, so I was able to mark it off!
raw ice cream
Now I am off to work for a few hours and coming home to make some sweet potato pancakes with some sweet potato puree I made yesterday!
sweet potaotes

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