Monday, June 13, 2011

Staying positive while I'm sick! (or trying to)

After this post that I read the other night on Home Sweet Home, I instantly jonesed for a pita pizza!
Today I went back to the doctor. The infection had spread to my other ear, I thought(and I was right) but I wanted to double check. He prescribed me another medication(ciprofil --which is also used when you've been exposed to anthrax!) He also tested me for diabetes and my numbers were high, but he said that I would be okay as long as I just kept on the track I was on(eating "properly", walking, ballet, etc etc)
After work, I decided to take some pictures of my plants progress & water them, as well as go around back and check on this really odd tree/plant thing that's nestled by our bedroom window.

A plant/tree thing in our backyard

While back there, I happened upon something GREAT & SPECTACULAR!

WE HAVE A WATER HOSE ATTACHMENT. This is GREAT news because I've been wanting to get a very small pool for Lulu & I to hang out in on my day's off.

so bright

Fernelope is doing great!

This is our back yard, well, sort of. It's a big field after the dip from our real back yard and nobody's ever in it so sometimes I let Lulu run around in it
Back yard!


Cucumbers & Tomatoes

I watched Scott Pilgrim VS The World the other night, we rented it from Lila Land Movie Box, it's sort of like the Red Box but a local guy does it and has one in the market that I used to work at. I thought that I was going to dream about it, I liked it a lot.
PS: We bought a water filter for our faucet in the kitchen a few nights ago, as well as some reusable water bottles that are BPA free, and we couldn't be happier! The water is just so much more delicious & we've been filling up our water bottles and putting them in the fridge every night for nice cold water in the morning! If you don't have a water filter and you don't like yr tap water, go get one! Ours has an option to where you can "turn on" the filter, and it goes for 100 gallons. I didn't want to use the filter for washing dishes or anything like that because that just seems like it's wasting filtering, and as much as the filters cost(12$ USD), we just can't do that! BUT, by getting this, and for how many times we've already filled up our reusable water bottles, it's already paid for itself!
I also found someone who collects aluminum cans so when we DO get packs of soda, I've been putting them in a paper bag(I need to really get a bin of sorts for them) and giving them to my pal who knows this person, and she passes it(or will, I haven't given them to her yet) to the person.

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