Saturday, June 18, 2011

the day i've been waiting for!


If you follow me on Tumblr, or are pals with me on Facebook, you know that I've been pretty stoked about going to get a bike that I found on Craig's List. Well ,that day was today!
I've already fixed it up a bit. The seat didn't have a cushion so I glued some poly fiber filling on it, then put a floral patterned panty hose bottom on it to act as a seat cover.
The body was black with an awful flame decal on it, so I spray painted over it with a light blue spray paint from Krylon. I need to pick up another can, though, to finish it up. Then of course I put a basket on it!
None of this could be done indoors because Lulu & Olive Oyl have proven to be completely terrified of the bike, and of course you can't spray paint indoors, so I was out in the sun for the entire time. I'm not supposed to be in direct sunlight for more than 30 minutes because of the medication I'm taking for my ears, but I guess I'll be okay!


I washed my hair with the water hose outside and it felt so good to be washing in the sunshine. The water also gets colder outside than it does inside, so that felt good too! I wrapped my hair up in a towel and stuck an ice pack(I really thought about a bag of corn, but digressed shortly after I remember the ice pack in the fridge)in the back of the towel.

obviously something i have not done
I cannot cross this off my list until fall/winter, unfortch :(

I made a co-worker and his family some guacamole the other night and brought it to him yesterday while we were eating lunch. I texted him last night to see if they had tried it and he said "It was awesome", this was my first food stuff that I have made for someone else, so it felt really good to hear that they enjoyed it!

It was too hot by the time we picked the bike up(it was only 10Am and it was already nearly 100F) so we cancelled out on Gourd Fest and Josh went up to the office instead and I am at home until I go to work at 8 tonight.

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