Wednesday, June 22, 2011

local blueberries & lemonade for MD

fak'n pasta
This is the fak'n bits pasta I made the other night with mayo, cream cheese, frozen peas, fak'n bits, ditallini pasta & salt and pepper!

I posted earlier on my Facebook that I was going to pick up some frozen blueberries tonight to make blueberry jam tomorrow, and my pal Martha commented saying that her sister had just dropped off some blueberries from her land and that she would bring some by my house. She just brought them by! I told her the recipe called for 5 cups, she brought 10 cups! I'm going to freeze some, I think and then make jam with 5 of the cups.
local blueberries!
I'm clearly super stoked about them!

lemonade & blueberries
She also brought a gallon of Katelyn's Lemonade, I'm waiting for it to get cold before I try some.

kitchen bike
I rearranged the kitchen this evening. Lulu's mat & bowls are beside the oven now instead of by the fridge. I'm going to do a separate post about my new organization tooling for my cans/jars of pasta/boxed foods and things, maybe tomorrow.

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