Thursday, June 23, 2011

all jammed up!


I can now cross off another one of my 24 before 24! I made blueberry jam this evening from the blueberries that Martha dropped off for me.
My pal Natalie and I(& Josh and well, her 2 daughters & her husband) are splitting a bag of 66 ears of corn. One of Josh's friends who owns a produce stand is selling the bag to us for a very good price so I'm pretty excited to freeze up some corn and live by corn for the rest of the summer!

recipe & dirty spoon


Now I'm going to nestle up on the couch, watch a bit more of The Big Bang Theory and hit the hay! Martha dropped off a ton of DVD's that she thought Josh and I would be interested in. Curb Your Enthusiasm(which Josh LOVES), The Big Bang Theory(which I LOVE) some season volumes of King of the Hill, Family Guy and other silly feel good shows like that.

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