Friday, May 6, 2011

Time for breakfast!

I've really been enjoying getting up before noon because of going to bed before midnight. I've done it the past few days and it feels really good. It's also making my pantry, fridge & freezer become emptier quicker because I am feeling inspired to make stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Which is a good thing! We're overloaded right now and I keep just buying sides, veggies and staples.

this was my breakfast this morning. i woke up at 7:30, as josh was leaving for work so he didn't get to enjoy it with me.
breakfast this morning
red potato & sweet potato hash browns w/ some chocolate soy milk! Tonight I work until 10:30 so I'm really not sure what I'm going to make. I found out there's going to be a Farmer's Market at the street fair next weekend!
Sara just dropped off 8 planters! I need to figure out what's going to go in them & I need to light a candle so it doesn't smell like onions anymore in here.

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