Thursday, May 5, 2011

120th post!

today was really good! I woke up early(8Am! Right after Josh left for work! Dag!) and lazed around for an hour or so, then headed into the kitchen. I made my first batch(EVER!) of pesto and I'm pretty proud of myself. i could have easily halved it for dinner tonight & refrigerated the rest of it, but I wasn't thinking. Oh well!

first batch of pesto!

I had to make some vegetable broth to go in the pesto, so I went ahead and made a bunch of it and froze it.

vegetable broth

My friend/co-worker who just moved down the road, Sarah, texted me because I had told her about a yard sale my other friend Sara(whose in the rescue with me) was having, so I went and picked up her and her husband to show them around town a bit. Well, we got to Sara's house and she invited us in and the rest is history. So, we have another date in the future soon to have me drive them around town to show them different places!

what i wore(and will wear later)today

I made dinner before we went to the Citizen's Academy so we had to eat real quick and then head out.
Dinner tonight!

We did finger prints at the academy this evening! The V.P of our rescue was there too. she was in it last semester, but I wasn't so she knows a bit more than I do. Next week, we tour the jail during class & the night before I am doing a ride along with a deputy(as long as they can find one for the times that I specified!)

Sara is dropping off a bunch of flower pots before I go to work tomorrow. I need to figure out what I want to plant! Bell peppers? Eggplant?
i'm chopping my hair off soon! I'm pretty excited about it. it's grown really long and I'm proud of it, but it has got. to. go! I tried to get Josh to cut it, but he didn't want to mess it up and I'm not comfortable enough to do my whole head so I guess I'm going to have to find someone to cut it for me!

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