Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i have ginger snaps, but no almond milk. thanks josh.

i had some new potatoes, green bell pepper, yellow squash and raw green beans that were going to go bad soon and needed something to do with them. so i made lentil burgers & ginger roasted new potatoes & raw green beans. It was delicious. i had to make a quick run to the grocery store and when I came home, Josh was reading my newest issue of Martha Stewart. He followed me into the kitchen excited about zucchini pizza and shrimp salad. I'd really like to make this really soon.
I spent all day with my 2 loveliest furry ladies. Our resident spider has come out of his winter hiding and Olive Oyl is currently eyeballing him from the arm rest on the couch. He was here when we moved in, and he stays in 2 small holes that we have in the ceiling, but we don't bug him. he takes care of the bugs for us.

my favorite furry ladies

josh grilling


I have a lot to do tomorrow. i need to make the record bowl tier for Saturday, call a vet and try to get a letter of support and then I had my deputy ride along in the evening! I planted my straight neck squash & begonia flowers today. i arranged them nicely on the porch so that they would all get the proper/equal amount of sunlight.

I've stopped wearing make up for about 2 weeks now, and washing my face with a very soft soap since I finally finished off my Clinique purchases from the year before last. That was too much money spent to just go off and leave it in the cupboard. My face has freshened some and it's not as oily as it normally was. I just got lazy one day and didn't want to wear make up anymore.

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