Sunday, May 15, 2011

busy weekend! I'll never catch up on sleep


sign that i made

Yesterday was Mendenhall in May. We were well received by the community, with a lot of "Oh I didn't know Simpson County had an animal rescue!" and "We need this so bad!" among other exclamations. I'm glad that we were well received because it IS something that our county needs.


baked goods

lots of energy

We had a lot of people also interested in the spay/neuter programs and thankfully we had literature to cover more emphasis on it.
We wrapped up about 3:30. Being there for oh golly..10 hours, was enough and the crowd had dispersed and everyone else was wrapping up. I got a ride home with one of the gal's after we dropped some stuff off at different places, and then I waited around a bit for the deputy to pick me up for my 2nd ride along through the citizen's academy. I couldn't keep my eyes open. We kept driving on back roads and going through the country, and once it got dark, I was done for. He wasn't much of the talking type, and nothing was coming across the radio so I asked him to just take me home. Josh had brought me some fried pickles and I went to sleep.

Today I worked for a few hours, went and did some laundry, misc grocery shopping and came home and made some pickles. Well, jarred them? I'm using a recipe that Martha Stewart has in her magazine, and it's FOR pearl onions & radishes but we'll see how it turns out.

making home made pickles!

The vendor next to us had all sorts of canned stuff that she had made, I chose to buy some home made pepper jelly. I used to see her in the market place when I worked there, she's such a nice lady! She even gave me a free sample of her Kentucky Poundcake. it was DELICIOUS!
Speaking of local stuff, one of our members brought all of us a bar of home made soap. My face got sunburned and so did my arms, so I used it on them and it was SO SOOTHING oh my gosh!

new S&P shakers
I also bought some new salt & pepper shakers :)

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