Thursday, May 19, 2011

24 before 24

I made a delicious baked egg plant with egg noodles & spaghetti sauce the other night.

We also bought a new kitchen mat the other night
new kitchen mat

My blog kind of suffered when I did my 23 before 23, but I did accomplish a lot on that list now that I look back on it.
Here's my 23 before 23 list


make a sale on etsy
have a dinner party
girls night out
successfully do roller derby night
pay october's rent
take a picture october 1-29
purchase a table for my sewing machine
make sure josh has an awesome birthday

buy lulu a new dog bed for her birthday(aug 31)
take in jeans(ugggh they are way too wide-legged for me!)
make a new friend
pay all bills for october

successfully make banana bread(lately the loaves ive been making are sucking real hard! So its time to try a new recipe!)
buy shelf brackets(We dumpster dove some really awesome usable white shelves and just havent bought the brackets for them yet)

have a friend over for dinner
make 3 skirts
buy lulu a new collar
buy olive a new collar

buy a shower rod and curtain(i think this would make our tiny bathroom look a bit more tidy and neat)
be a part of something (Granted this took until March of 2011, I'm still saying I did it before I turned 23)
buy an extra bed sheet
buy a crock pot(fat chance, but we'll see!)
write pen pals(really need to get on this QUICKLY)

and my new list, 24 before 24

24 before 24
(Bolding things I've already done or am in the process of doing)

1. Move to Texas
2. Learn to knit
3. Host a small scale dinner party
4. Buy a bed frame
5. Pay bills for October
6. Grow vegetables (Currently in the process of this --I have 1 yellow strawberry going strong and my tomato plant is growing taller, my cucumber & squash plants are remaining kind of puny , but we'll get there!)
7. Make home made jam
8. Make home made pickles
9. Host a craft night
10. Meet 5 new people
11. Sew a pair of pants
12. Use baking soda + vinegar as a shampoo for 1 month
13. Make a delicious black bean burger centered dinner
14. Introduce vegetarianism to 2 people
15. Make sweet potato pancakes
16. Bake home made bread
17. Go to a roller derby bout
18. Get a lady doctor
19. Get my yearly mammogram
20. Make home made ice cream
21. Compile my cook book zine & get it "published"
22. Make every recipe in the Taste of Home cook book.
23. Buy Lulu a toy box for all of her toys(& if I'm lucky, teach her to put them away again)
24. Graduate the Citizen's Academy

We just tried the pickles that I made last week. It was a simple 3 day recipe that I found in the Martha Stewart magazine and they're pretty delicious! I'm pretty stoked on them. I also have some brown eggs cooling in the freezer so I can make some egg salad sandwiches for dinner and then make tea sandwiches for tomorrow's S.C.A.R meeting!

hair cut

I cut my hair the other day. I'd like to re-color it, but not this red color. One of my customers last night asked if it was my hair. I didn't really know the proper way to respond? Does it not look like mine?
I may have lunch with my cousin tomorrow, if she comes to this part of town. Tonight was another class of the Citizen's Academy. We learned some of the dispatch operations and had a pot luck dinner.
A S.C.A.R pal came over the other day and we counted up our donations from Saturday, and it totaled 340$ and some change. We were pretty impressed!


  1. Where in Texas do you want to live?

  2. We are moving to Reno. It's a suburb of Paris, which is near Dallas! Josh's dad is giving us his house because his mom & dad moved to Bonham which is where his dad works and he was tired of spending the gas money to get to and from home/work.