Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I started using(as of this morning) Twitter, again. I really would like to use it as a large scale social networking site, since I am getting more into gardening/animal rescue and I feel that it's a good place to start since I don't really promote my blog as much as I should.
So, follow me if you want? fluffycatpuffy @ Twitter


  1. I'm afraid to start a twitter for some reason? I had no idea you had a blog, I'm an avid blog reader! I know a lot about promotion, and know quite a few bloggers, yet I don't really work on my own. I think Twitter is a rad place to start as far as networking for animal rescue/rights and gardening.(I'm trying to start my blog up but REALLY need help with my header/design. **COUGHS VERY LOUDLY** Help me Summer! Haha.

  2. I've had a Twitter for yeeeeeeears I've just never consistently used it. I'll use it for a bit, and then stop and the cycle begins again. It's kind of scary if yr Twitter isn't private, how many people in the WORLD can access yr tweets!

    I have a day off tomorrow and won't be busy until the evening so I'd be happy to work on a header for you, if you'd like! I'm always changing mine. I'm surprised that the one I made up there has stayed up there.

    The designing part is real easy. I use a Blogger template and then mess with gadgets/colors in the "design" portion of the edit area!