Friday, December 10, 2010

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About half way through my shift this afternoon I decided to text Josh to see if he wanted to take Lulu for a walk when I got home. So, when I got home that's just what we did!
She's kind of new to the walking thing since we just moved into our own place a few months ago and she was used to a big back yard with plenty of roamage room, but that's just not possible with the apartment.
brown is todays color....



sniffy mcsnifferson


orphan annie

What I Wore Today

To-Do List For This Weekend:
1. I'd like to do this to a skirt some time this weekend
2. We also need to straighten the house up some & pick up our dirty laundry!
3. We have the police department Christmas party to go to tomorrow night
4. Go pick up my schedule before said Christmas party
5. I'd like to do something with the bland blue frame mirror we have in our bedroom
6. Wrap some gifts
7. Watch Stranger Than Fiction that we got in the mail a few days ago from Netflix
8. Wash dishes
9. Sweep & Swiffer the living room
10. Maaaaybe try to clean up the craft room some!

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