Saturday, December 11, 2010

Suitable Pinecone Pickin'

Today we woke up and since neither of us had ANYTHING(gasp!) to do, we got ready and went to the D'LO WATER PARK. You've been there too if you've watched "O' Brother Where Are Thou"!
(This part)

So it's a very cool spot!

Here's our adventure in picture form
tree fungus




perfect square



leaf face

my feet are lost




That's that! If you ever find yrself this side of Mississippi, def check out the water park! There's canoeing and all sorts of stuff that happen throughout the year!

I have a tutorial coming up in just a few minutes in another entry! TUTORIAL HERE

PS: Please please please keep yr fingers crossed! I found THE PERFECT standing gumball machine at the Neverending Garage Sale but they were closed today. It's sitting outside just waiting to come home with me I JUST KNOW IT! Keep yr fingers & toes crossed that they'll be open one day this week and will sell it to us! It's the perfect thing to put next to the door and what I've wanted for YEARS!!

EDIT ON SUNDAY: It's mine! On the way home from work today the lady was there and I peeped my head in and asked her how much! We're picking it up after I get off of work on Wednesday!!

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