Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thank You Inclimate Weather

It's been pretty cold here lately. I've only made a few pots of coffee because I'm normally too busy curled up under a blanket on the couch.
Tuesday night was pretty insane. I was home alone since Josh had some work things and then went up to the office to finish said work things. Josh called me earlier in the evening to tell me that there was a tornado warning/watch for our area. Alright, that's fine, I'll keep up with it via
Well, fast forward a few hours. I start hearing the siren, after some pretty harsh rain, thunder etc. So, I grab some blankets, pillows, the fur babies and we jump in the tub until we hear the siren stop. Once that happens, we hop out, I keep everything in the tub just in case and we go about what we were doing.
Fast forward to about 2Am and I am FINALLY dozing off to sleep with the rain still going like no other and Josh still at the office. 2:05Am and I hear the siren again. Olive Oyl was already in the bathroom still so I grabbed Lulu by the collar and shoved her in the bathroom because the windows were rattling and I was scared. I left the TV on, the Christmas lights on, everything. We jumped in the tub again and stayed there. Josh called about 10 minutes later to say that he was about a minute down the road and I needed to be READY TO GO. The tornado was headed OUR WAY.
I jump out of the tub, kiss my Lulu on the head, put her in the kennel, make sure that Olive Oyl has food and water, shoved my rain boots on ,grabbed my back pack and then heard Josh honking outside. I opened the door and I could barely see the car from all of the rain. I sloshed to the car and got in, soaking wet from a seriously 2 second jump to the car. We're going about 10mph and it seems like we're going so fast because of the wind and rain. I'm crying and shaking because I absolutely abhor weather like this and I over scrutinize situations like such. Josh keeps telling me that once we get over the bridge that's over the creek, we'll be fine. We're on our way to the police department because it's a solid solid building and we'll be safe there, he knows people that are on duty and we can watch the weather to see what we're in for.
We get there finally and I'm in my zebra print rain boots, purple pajama pants, Josh's Weezer shirt, no bra and my hoodie. I am absolutely drenched and in complete fear that my nipples will show through my shirt and I'll forever be remembered as That Girl during That Storm.

So, long story short:
I ran through a tornado that was going over our house, we drove through said tornado going to the police department, didn't get home until 4Am and both had to go to work at 8Am. What a day.
and I don't think I've made up any of those hours of sleep that I lost.
My eyes are tired so I think I'm going to turn on The Office and curl up on the couch and hopefully make it to the bed before I have to be awake for work.

OH look at what I bought this evening:
Our VERY FIRST Christmas tweeeee :)


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