Saturday, November 27, 2010


first off! I wanted to thank Diandra @ OhSweetie for this post! thank you so much! Yr a dollllll!

next off, I wanted to show people who may read this blog, what I'm reading out side of cyber world as well as my new favorite tights.

Today seemed like a Sunday. It was Small Business Saturday but I worked all day so I wasn't able to run around town like I would have liked to but that's okay!
I'm off to paint my nails since I FINALLY got the yellow polish off of my nails!
Tomorrow's my first day off for the week so I'm going to do some sewing/crafting finally.
I also made gluten-free clay beads that I painted and are currently drying!


  1. you're so welcome! i think i found your blog from elsiecake or daintysquid or something who knows, but you're my #2 blog soul mate (girl of the north country is #1). this is exciting. good luck with the zine!

  2. Oh both those ladies are so inspiring!

    I've never read that blog! I'll Google for it!

    Thanks so much! I'm going to start putting it together this week with the recipes I've compiled thus far and see what it looks like!