Saturday, December 11, 2010

pinecone tutorial

So! I had a dream last night that we lived in a forest of JUST PINECONES and they were all glittery so, today we went out and got some suitable pinecones from the D'LO WATER PARK and then we came home and I decorated some! I hope to have enough done to give away with some Christmas gifts!

First, MAKE SURE THAT YR AREA IS COVERED! The glitter will get everywhere if you go all crazy like I did! I used an ice cream cone covered plastic table cloth that I bought during the summer time, for my work space.

- Glitter of some sort. I used RED GLITTER PARTY GLITTER since it's the holidays.
- Pine cones! Make sure that they are cleaned out and no bugs or other debris are inside them
- You'll need some sort of box or Tupperware to work IN so that the glitter doesn't go EVERYWHERE
- OPTIONAL: cotton balls to make fake snow

Gather yr supplies! I always find it easier to gather EVERYTHING that I'll need before I sit on my butt to make said craft. If yr doing this with little buggers, you may want to get an emery board or something and saw down the needles on the pine cones.
gather yr supplies!

Put glue dots on the tips of the needles on the pine cone
put glue dots on the pine cone needles

Third:(I know this pine cone doesn't have glue dots on it, I took the pictures backward on accident!)
Put it in yr Tupperware or other area that you don't mind getting glittery
put the pine cone in an area that you don't mind getting glittery

douse in glitter!
This little guy had a stick coming out so I used it to my advantage and put some cotton ball cotton and made it look like fake snow!

Happy pine cone decorating!

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  1. Oh so pretty! Looks like fun ... thanks for sharing :) (also love your nail varnish)

    Aoife x