Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sorry for the absence!
We left for Texas on Friday morning and returned this evening! I promised Josh I wouldn't say anything online about it on the off chance that the mutual Texas friends we have in common actually read this thing, or my Facebook statuses!
Any way! We dropped Lulu off at the puppy hotel early Friday morning and set out to attack the highway and get to Paris, TX roughly around 4:30Pm! Totally did it! Even with stopping in RUSTON, LOUISIANA(home of NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL) for Chinese at our fave Louisiana Chinese buffet! So yummy! They also have perfectly shaped ice cubes which WOWS me like no other!
Any way! We met up with his mom and dad at this cute little diner called McKee's where our pregnant waitress was utterly adorable and had the most dainty little lace top on. I ordered the chicken strip basket and it comes with a huge bowl of white pepper gravy and some fries. We shot the breeze, caught up with each other and then they tell us to come over to their house for just a bit! We were very scatterbrained as to why they wanted us to do this, but we did it any way.
We get there and we all sit down and just talk and enjoy the warmth and company. THEN they tell us to go over by the Christmas tree and open the large box that is sitting next to it. So, we do and look at what they got us!
a 32" lcd hd tv! If you haven't been pals with me for very long, you wouldn't know that our little 19" lcd hd tv got stolen a few months back right out of our home! So we had been using an old tv that one of my now ex-co-workers was letting us borrow. This was SUCH a surprise and we are so so thankful for it! Thank you thank you! The picture is so crisp and amazing. Ahhhhh! I still can't believe we have one!

Last night I went to bingo with Josh's grandma, cousin and aunt. We had a lot of fun though the 4 of us didn't win a darn thing! Josh's aunt dropped his grandma and I off at his grandma's house and then Josh and I went to Applebee's to meet up with some of his old friends. It was a blast. His friends really appreciate friendship and FOOD! Which is AWESOME because one of them has got me ADDICTED to APPLEBEE'S WONTON TACOS ahhh so good!

For our lunch today we stopped at a Whataburger in Marshall, TX as a treat to ourselves!

We stopped at the strip mall in Monroe, LA and went to Target for a bit!
While we were in Paris, TX we went to PetCo and got Lulu & Olive Oyl some Christmas pressies and decided that our next animal will be a medium sized rat!
Now it's back to work tomorrow!
Hope everyone had a good good weekend!

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