Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Phew! Half of the week is already gone. Work got really weird today. Boss man is implementing a new way to bag + better our service with the customers and it's just an awkward awful situation right now. I hope we all get used to it QUICK!
Josh picked me up from work today and had been telling me all week that he had a surprise for me when I got off of work on Wednesday. We drive to D'Lo and lo and behold we end up at the nursery! For one of my "big Christmas gifts" he let me choose whichever hanging plant that I wanted! I chose a cute little fern and it's now sitting on our kitchen counter awaiting a hanger to hang from in our kitchen! I don't have a photo of it but I will once we get everything squared away!
We also nixed the idea of watching more Daria and played Yahtzee! last night! Josh's dad got me the game last Christmas and we played a few times when we first moved in when we didn't have a TV or anything but we've sort of let games get away from us recently.
Oh and another big thing!
This marks the 2nd thing I was able to mark off of my "23 before 24" list!
set up
It was waiting for me when we got home from the nursery! It's so great! I'm so incredibly happy with it! It's THE thing I've always wanted in my future home!

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