Monday, December 13, 2010

a series of events

Sunday I had a 6Am shift and since pretty much nobody comes in between 6Am and 8Am, I decided to whip out my yarn and crochet hook and finish up a hat I'd been working on.

This is going to be a long week, I think. We have kind of a lot to do but we're keeping it low key. Josh dropped me off at home after I got off of work and he's been back at the office since. I have some soup in the crock pot, dishes are done, macadamia nut & white chocolate chip cookies are baked, kitchen is clean and I've put some veggie and soup cans in a big bowl of hot water to soak the paper off so I can do something with them.
I really hope the soup is good. It's kind of a garbage soup I guess.
It's 2 cans of:

rinsed and drained, half a can of chicken broth, half a can of corn and 2 spoon fulls of flour to make it a bit thicker.
Cross yr fingers!

Here's a bonus picture of Lulu and her new toy, Mr Quackers JR.
quackers jr

I'm slowly but surely getting together everything that I need for the zine. I know it's been a super duper slow process and I have a million apologies for that but it's winter time and I'm always tired.

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