Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lists rule!

These lists have been going around the blog world for awhile but I wanted to make sure that I was 100% positive I was going to consistently blog before I did one of these. So, here is 23 before 24.
Side note: I had to ask Josh how old I was before I wrote them down because I honestly did not remember that I was 23. Oh lordy.

1. Make a sale on Etsy
(My shop has been open for a few months now and I haven't made a sale yet. I'm still optimistic though!)
2. Learn how to knit.
(I know how to crochet and I learned from YouTube. I found my Knifty Knitter in the closet that my aunt had bought for me at a rummage sale last year so maybe that will be a starting point and I'll learn more from there!)
3. Go to a museum
4. Bake a loaf of home made bread
5. Read 23 books
6. Watch the entire series of The Sopranos
(Season 1 down!)
7. Purchase a gumball machine
8. Make candy!
9.Dye a skein of yarn
10. Make a bunting for the kitchen
11. Hold at least 1 craft group night
12. Host a dinner party
13. Get on the road to college
14. Apply for a new job
(I really love my job as a cashier, but it's not where I want/need to be. I feel like myself as a whole is being wasted there at the register amongst stress that I don't deserve to have towards me. As long as I apply for ONE new job, this task will be done.)
15. Make home made pasta
16. See a movie in theaters
17. Go to & explore Jackson
(We've lived in Mississippi for over a year now and I've only been THROUGH Jackson on our way to Texas. We've never explored it)
18. Get a flat screen t.v
(Ever since ours got stolen we've been borrowing a friends old t.v and we miss the flat screen & HD-ness of the other one)
19. Get Josh an XBOX 360
(I did this tonight!)
20. Knit a pair of socks
21. Blog consistently
22. Pay all bills for October
23. Travel to Texas

There ya have it! My birthday is October 29, 2011 so I have until then to do the 22 things left on there!


  1. Have you tried/started/done the 101 in 1001? I started yesterday. About to link it all up on my blog! :D

  2. I looked at doing that(and even have the paper I wrote some of them on still!)earlier in the year but never got around to finishing the items. I think smaller goals/lists are better for me!

  3. Well good luck ma'am! I know you'll get it all done!