Thursday, December 9, 2010

I've slowly been gathering items to send to Diandra of OhSweetie and I'm getting increasingly excited with each item that I pop in the box!
Beyond that, I haven't really been up to much besides trying to stay warm. Josh's boss made him take 2 vacation days since he has 5 left and they'll just be gone at the end of the year and he's taking 1 next week, so he stayed home today and cleaned up(thanks Josh!)and did some dishes(thanks for that too Josh!) while I went to work.
I went and did a tiny tiny bit of shopping today. I got these 2 books(for 50cents a pop!)
new girl books

and got 2 new pairs of socks
(the bottom 2, not the christmas themed ones)
socky wockies

and we ate dinner together before he went off to a meeting for work, where he is at now.

Lulu is laying on the couch kind of on her pillow kind of not, but her head keeps slipping off the pillow and she'll jolt awake real quick and lay back on it. It's kind of really funny. It's like that kid in class who rests on their hand pretending to REALLY read the chapter but they're just falling asleep...
Okay, I felt bad for her so I fixed it. She smells like popcorn today and now she's giving me those "Awwwww Mom why'd you do that! I'm a sleepy puppy and didn't wanna be bothered!" look. :(

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