Monday, August 22, 2011

it's already 7Pm and i don't like gossip girl so i need to change the channel

how'd it get so late so quickly? this morning i woke up to a phone call "gooooood morning!" and went and played with some of the rescue's puppies, picked up poop, played in a pool with them and helped(kind of?) de-worm them

what i've been up to?:

pink tongue

we ate lunch at Zip's last week and then went and put a down payment on a dulcimer for me! i put my next payment tomorrow,i'm hoping by the end of september i'll have it paid off. I also need to start thinking about a house warming gift for a co-worker who is finally moving into her own home,a few miles from me!


kitchen windowsill


what i wore to meet with a neighboring town marshall on tuesday
Last Tuesday we(S.C.A.R) had to go to D'Lo to discuss some things with their town Marshall. it went fine.

working on an embroidery at the after hours clinic on monday
Josh had me take him to the after hours clinic on Tuesday too, before we went to the StormReady meeting where the Mayor was as well. He was on his phone the entire time. He does not impress me one absolute bit. (for other reasons than that, but that was the icing on the cake sort of)

walking to watercolors on monday
i walked to watercolors last Monday. it was so brisk out and it was such a great walk!

walking to watercolors on monday

summary of my morning

we're having "pork" chops with a vegetable medley rice,"pork"n beans and green beans for dinner tonight. josh is at the office late, so i' am marinating the "pork" chops. i really hope that simpson county appreciates the paper because this isn't the latest he's stayed at the office(though 2am does ring some bells....)
I'm semi-bummed(okay, REALLY bummed) that we only have 1 car because there's a Planned Parenthood (paid)public policy internship in Hattiesburg, but that's too far to drive(nearly an hour now) and too much gas money to go there for 12-15 hours a week and that makes me feel bad because I want to do it so bad but if it were in Jackson, it'd be a LOT easier! :(

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