Friday, September 9, 2011

oh my goodness!

i haven't posted at all this month! i was doing so well! here are some pictures to update you:

i took last Saturday off and we went to Jackson to go to the Farmer's Market, Rainbow, Keifer's(UHMAYZEENG Mediterranean food - tried dolmas for the first time!)

passed this great house

last jars of jam in the freezer
last jars of jam for the summer :( i should have made more but that's okay!

home made ketchup and pickled red okra

pickled green beans

i made some ketchup and pickled some green beans and red okra

black bean hummus
i also made black bean hummus! we had THE most delightful boiled peanut hummus at the farmer's market and i had a knack for hummus and needed some more!

which required me to make my own tahini

quinoa salad
and some garlicky quinoa salad!

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