Saturday, July 16, 2011

touching base on differences

I'm going to type up some things that to some people, may be and probably are, deemed 1) disgusting 2) unhygienic 3) "un-lady like"

These things are, not shaving yr arm pits, not wearing deodorant and not washing yr hair every other day.
I haven't worn deodorant in about 2 months I'll go ahead and say. It started off with me not being able to find my deodorant, then it went into well, I went one day without it, why not go another, to completely disregarding it. Most people say "You didn't really need it until you used it", and I feel that falls true in this space. The first few weeks after the conscious decision to no longer wear it, I smelled a bit of an odor similar to onions, faintly. Over the weeks, it softly faded into what is now just "my odor". I have baking soda as a back up, in case I have a day where I just feel like I don't want to smell anything, but that's about it. I ended on pretty okay terms with Arm & Hammer's deodorant, but I won't go back. The only thing I guess that was difficult to get used to was not smelling like a toxic flower like I had for so long, since I was at least 12. That's what? 11 years?

Next on the list, not shaving yr arm pits. I am happily sporting a "Hairy Pits Club" patch on my pack. I've never gotten questioned about it, so I guess that's that. I shave my legs about once a month, so a package of razors normally last me quite awhile given that I take care of them and don't leave them laying around all willy nilly. I'm not sure what else to say about this subject because it gets a lot of press online in the "alt" world already. Though, people will fight till the death saying that it is "unhygienic" and "unlady like." What's lady like any way? If hair grows there, why is it unhygienic to keep it there?

Lastly, not washing yr hair every other day. I take baths quite regularly because they relax me, and with the job I work with, I need all the relaxation I can get. I enjoy just sitting in there, reading a book, or just closing my eyes and relaxing. Not having a shower head has aided a great deal in me not washing my hair every time I take a bath -- I wash my hair in the kitchen sink, and it's a lot more difficult sometimes. Yr hair has natural oils that are meant to be there and washing yr hair every single day, isn't healthy for it. I know I'm THE last person that needs to be saying things like this, since I quite recently dyed my hair using a chemical dye box. Thankfully it's my last! I've given the rest of my boxed dyes away! ANY WAY, be natural, be whatever, be comfortable!

On to different things. It hasn't been that much of a busy week besides working and things.
We went to the Rainbow Co-Op in Jackson today. They also have a computer co-op which was pretty neat. It was our first time going and it was the first of many times!
purple potatoes, tempeh, peanut butter newman o's, tvp, figs(donna's), peach(donna's), apple(donna's), plums(donna's), freshly baked apple bread, freshly baked wheat bread, miso soup mix, biodegrable baking cups, plant sticks, and chandrika sandal soap <--josh has loved this soap since we found it in St. Cloud but has been unable to find it since we moved here, and we went in the little shop outside of Rainbow, and they had it there! oh and there's a pro-choice pin in the picture too! "We won't go back! Keep abortion safe and legal" The store outside of Rainbow sold all sorts of things and we stayed in there for a good 30 minutes sorting through the pins, bumper stickers, posters and things like that. They also sell composting bins that circulate air on their own as well as rain water bins. They also have a free lending library that they are still cataloging but will be open in the next few weeks!

They also have issues of Jackson Free Press and other magazines for free when yr leaving the building, so we picked up a variety of them as well as a free bumper sticker.
We also hit up Donna's 6 Produce for some peaches, plums, apples, homemade ice cream & figs on the way back.

bath time


cheesy polenta

I also made the decision to go back with the animal rescue group. I'm not sure if I mentioned that in my last post or not. It's already proving to be fruitful & exciting! One of the gals in the group has pears and figs growing and offered for people to go and get some. We have a meeting at her home on Thursday so I think I'm going to trade her some lemon marmalade for some pears!

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  1. i found your blog via flickr and fell in love. even giggled quite a bit too. thanks for the add over there!