Tuesday, July 5, 2011

i ate a lot of yummy food today

hearty breakfast
for breakfast I woke up early, washed my hair and put some turkey sausage, eggs & potatoes in a pan and let it cook. i had it with a glass of lemonade & some pita bread! that was yummy.
for lunch i had some home made blueberry jam on toast, and then for dinner i made potato leek soup. I'm bringing the rest of my artichoke & some potato leek soup for lunch tomorrow at work.
for an early midnight snack i ate an artichoke, rosemary toasted pita bread w/ a garlicky butter dip! I purchased some agave nectar because it looked yummy and I'd like to try it over some oatmeal or something!

Last night I tried to make beer bread but it didn't turn out. I think I forgot to put baking powder in it? I don't know!
failed attempt

Yesterday here in America it was the 4th of July. We attempted to go see fireworks but failed because my anxiety was getting the best of me so we didn't stay.
freedom balloons

more freedom feet

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