Wednesday, June 1, 2011

swear words


I could have sworn that making a scalloped skirt was on my "24 before 24" but I guess it isn't.
This skirt was SO ANNOYING to make, oh my goodness. I'm glad I made it, though. It's a nice light fabric(that I doubled up so I don't ALWAYS have to wear some sort of thick un-summery undergarment, though I normally always wear bike shorts underneath my skirts)Any way, this was an idea I've had in my head for a really long time, I just needed to find the right tutorial, and I finally did! Over on versus, is the perfect easy diy scallop skirt tutorial. At 3Am last night, I finished it. It took about 2 hours and a crap ton of patience.
I wore it to today's S.C.A.R meeting and out to lunch to a local deli w/ Josh.
Tonight I thought? I was going to grab coffee or something with a co-worker, but I don't think I am, I'll have to wait to see. I am going to do a bit of thrifting, though! I haven't been thrifting in awhile, except on my lunch break a few days ago but I had to be quick quick!
I made a really delish spaghetti dish the other day, I was super proud of it. Straight with cottage cheese, a nice side salad and garlic bread!

our blurry forster kitty
Last week a lady in our rescue that had been fostering some cats and an injured dog, got a letter from her landlord on her door saying that animals are not allowed, so we all scrambled trying to find homes for all of them. Thankfully, we did!
One of the kittens came to us. He's a black(and he'll probably have some gray! We see it!) sweet little thing. Olive Oyl didn't like him at first, but we're keeping them separate for right now and introducing them slowly. We were toying with the name Brutus, but we haven't mashed it yet.
Here's a blurry picture of him because he is a little wiggle worm! We're really enjoying having him in our home and can't wait to find someone who wants to make their home his forever home! He'll make someone real happy! He's very curious. I was taking a bath earlier today and he HAD to know what was going on, so I picked him up and put a little bit of water on him and he loved it. He did the same thing to Josh in the bath the other day.

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  1. I just love that skirt. The print is great. I've been toying around with the idea of making a scalloped skirt, so I'll have to check out that tutorial.
    ♡ Brooke