Thursday, June 2, 2011



Tonight I was able to cross another thing off of my 24 before 24 list! I graduated the Citizen's Academy! I was really afraid that I wouldn't follow through with it, because lately it's been hard to get me out of the house to do things, but I did it! We had a pretty big dinner there and a lady had made some squash fritters & squash casserole from her garden and it was deeeeelish!
After the ceremony, we all went over to the parking lot across from the jail and had a hoot! They had a patrol car, and an escort car. And water guns. 2 deputies were in the escort car dressed as regular people, and 2 citizen's academy folks were in the patrol car. We had to pull them over with the lights, while also radioing in how a deputy is supposed to. Each set of people had a different thing go on. Josh & I's(Josh didn't graduate, though. He morally/ethically cannot be a part of the Citizen's Academy since he is with the media --though everyone likes him so he does whatever)was a routine traffic stop that ended in gunfire! The guy gave me some lip about how he had left his license at home and then turned to the middle console and grabbed his (water)gun and shot me! The deputies in the escort car gave other Citizen's Academy folks different scenarios. For one, they kept driving, for another they were deaf, for another Josh played a guy coming out from the woods with a gun during a routine traffic stop, and for another the passenger was having a seizure. It was a really good course, though!

how my hair has been
I've been curling my hair without heat! I've been twirling it and putting it up in bobby pins and I put it all up yesterday because it was so hot. It'll be hitting the triple digits soon. My poor veggies are getting hit hard. I've been watering them twice a day, now.

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