Sunday, June 5, 2011

and all my walls came falling down

This morning, after weeks and weeks of debating myself, mainly my heart and brain debating, I resigned from the animal rescue. It was for more reasons than I would like to publicly discuss but I think that it was the right time to do it and of course, to me, the reasons are right. I don't have to explain myself, I know, but I had to have reasons for myself. I have an opportunity that I am going to follow up with this week while I am off, and see where it gets me.

To put a bit of a stop to the seemingly negative nature of this post(IE: quitting. I hate quitting. But shit has to be done.) here are some pretties that I've seen on the Internet this week. (Sort of back to the roots of "Splendid Sunday Pretties" that I did when this blog first started)

Duck Shoes


Yeah, kinda cliche but oh well.
(She's inspired me to re-teach myself ballet, so far so good! I've not been able to get to the studio downtown to see if they have adult ballet classes, but I hope to get to that sometime soon.)

we need some blur

and this song has been on repeat the last few minutes

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