Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Library, lunch & cold weather in May!

fresh with rain!

Tonight is the Alderman meeting at City Hall. Our V.P is going in front of them to talk about the condition of the city dog pound. I'm hoping it goes well and we can get it straightened up!
Today I woke up early to a cold, cold house. It was(and still is) rainy outside, but I fell back asleep to take a nap around 11. Josh came home for lunch and we went to the Main St. Deli to eat up and then I went to the library and picked up some reads.
I cut some cilantro in the rain because my plant was starting to get a little crazy, but I'm trying to get rid of it because I don't want it to go bad but I have no cilantro needed in any of the things I am making for dinner this week. If I can't get rid of it then I'm just going to have to change things up.
This morning I made a public forum page on Facebook for the rescue. I was very happy to see that within a few hours people were active & posting on it!

I'm not as nervous about the Alderman meeting this evening as I was about the Board of Supervisors meeting yesterday morning. I think yesterday was my introduction into the politics of the county personally and it's not going to be that way every time(me getting nervous), which I'm happy for.


I went to the library today!

It's dark in my living room today. One of the light bulbs in the ceiling lamp went out on top of it being gloomy outside. Oofta!

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