Monday, May 2, 2011


what i wore

The meeting this morning went well! they moved us up toe spot 1 from spot 4, asked questions and things like that. Our V.P couldn't have done a better job! the board completely backs us and wants to help us out.
the point of us going before them today was to ask for 2 acres of land and a 5,000 sq ft building. They said they would look heavily into it because they think that we will be doing the county a huge favor.
I'm beyond excited to see where this goes! our next big event is the Mendenhall in May booth that we are all excited for.
I guess I just wish that people would do more than press "Attend" on an RSVP on Facebook just to look like they care/show people that they might care..y'know like, actually show up? It's an e-pet peeve of mine I guess. I took notes like the astute secretary I am and I've already written up a document on Facebook, going over what happened at the meeting that people who were not there, can see.
We have very dedicated people and ahhhhh! So excited!

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