Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm apparently living through my webcam/cell phone camera these days.

Picture 61

queen summer

first tomater


2nd attempt at peter pan collar

dinner made

first attempt at peter pan collar

this has been a pretty crazy crazy week. first, I took the car to work one night and accidentally drained the battery completely by getting the seat belt stuck in the door the whole time i was at work so we had to have one of josh's friends come and jump the car in the middle of the night, then it turned out that apparently the whole battery was bad so the next day we had to buy a new one. then it was okay for a few days and last night i was driving to the store after work to get some groceries and a deer ran out on the highway and hit the car, knocking the reflective part of the mirror off.
today we took josh's friend out to lunch to thank him for helping us so much that evening & the next day(he drove josh around while the car was out of commission). on our way home we saw 2 little puppies on the side of the road so we picked them up. they obviously had mange and were very very hungry. we took them to the police department to see if they knew of anything before we took them to the pound(our ever last option..we'd have only kept them there 'till saturday when we could run them to C.A.R.A(a no kill shelter) in Jackson)but they didn't know of anyone. so, we took them to a vet in town and they didn't have any vacancies and didn't know of anyone who would take them. so, we decided to belly up and take them to the pound. when we were walking into the office, a lady that i had waited on at the store multiple times, was there. She's apparently starting an animal rescue for our county, and those 2 pups were in need of a rescue, not a pound.
She emailed me later on this evening to tell me that they had mange and scabies but will be okay. They're in a foster home right now so that makes me feel better. i also volunteered to work at their booth for the fair in May, if i can get the day off. Josh and I are also going to their meeting on Sunday. I need to make an appetizer so hopefully everyone there is okay with a veg-friendly shenanigan appetizer.
I messed around with making a peter pan collar pattern. on the first one i got the front and back mixed up so thankfully i hand stitched it quite awfully so i'm going to take it out and re-do it eventually. the other one(which comes before the first one for some reason..the first one is with the lavender one and the 2nd attempt is the more colorful one) came out a lot better.

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