Saturday, April 16, 2011

Remembering Tomopolis

so after i was so happy about my first tomato and bragged about it for a day, it's gone. my whole plant is gone(but i planted a new one today).
it stormed REALLY bad yesterday. before i knew it, i heard CLACK CLACK CLACK on the front door, windows, the ac unit, and i looked outside through the window and it was hailing the size of golf balls. so i put lulu on her leash and we hopped in the bath tub. there were many many tornado warnings/watches and josh was at the office, and time was ticking to when i needed to get ready for work. before i knew it, the hail was gone and lulu and i were outside surveying the damage. the first i surveyed, upon opening the front door, was this mayhem

first view

hail on the ground



the fog in the front yard

the fog coming up

I haven't named the new plant, yet. it needs time to grow on me. i'm still stinging from the loss of Tomopolis.


  1. That's so sad about your tomato plant. Those storms sounded awful.

  2. dang! that was a plant massacree. :/