Saturday, April 9, 2011

taking these pictures reminds me that on my next day off (Tuesday) I need to do some serious TLC on my home because i was invited to share my favorite parts of it on home sweet home's blog. I can't figure out if I want to wait until we move to Texas or if I want to do it here. i haven't been taking good care of our home(meaning, i haven't been obsessively cleaning it or worrying about what the current mess situation in the bedroom looks like) because I haven't really been happy with living in it here recently. maybe it's the prospect of moving that's done it to me but oh well.
Today I made some mac n cheese & crafted around. I have work at 7:30Pm and josh just got called out for an important story so it's just me and the fur girls until i start getting ready for work.


tsk tsk


stirring noodlies

double colander without the top

double colander!
(this double colander is seriously SO RAD. my cousin sells Tupperware now and when i went out to her house for my mini vacay, she gave it to me!)

pink lemonade & mac n cheese

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  1. There's a blog that I used to read called the Offbeat bride that's all about weddings. But then they now have offbeat home, with a flickr pool and everything. If you like looking at people's houses and stuff, checkout offbeat home. :)