Saturday, February 19, 2011


oi vey
tonight josh decided at the last minute to go to some championship basketball game he thought he should really cover, 2 hours away. so it was just me & the fur gals tonight!
for dinner i was really at a loss. i realllllly didn't want cereal. i love cereal but i just didnt want it so i wanted a REAL HEARTY MEAL
so i made "Potato Junk"
which is just cut up red potatoes, yellow squash, cous cous, soy chorizo & some spice junk stuff
this is the outcome
potato junk
i love ketchup on everything so of course i put some ketchup on it
i guess it was too hearty because i got full after about half of my bowl. i only made "one" serving of cous cous but really i think i could have used only half of that since i had potatoes and stuff...oh well!


veggie nachos & tostadas
we had tostadas and nachos the other night. the cheesy taco mix didn't really go well with the fake beef crumbles...maybe ill try something different next time!
the headband i won came in the mail today!
my Oh My Deer! giveaway winnings headband came in the mail today. it is so cute

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  1. Potato Junk looks super good. My dad used to make stuff that he called "crap" which is scrambled eggs with whatever leftover veggies we had from dinner the night before. Hodge Podge food is so good.