Wednesday, February 16, 2011


josh took me out for chinese, a Kroger trip & a Game Stop trip last night. i got a sega arcade game for the XBOX 360 and sonic the hedgehog tennis game for 5$ together! He got Fallout 3 or something like that that he's been wanting for awhile.
then we went to Krogerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. they have SO much better of a selection than the stores around here. i even found (what I am coining as)"furkey"! FAKE TURKEY! and they have fake KIELBASA sausage and just urrrg yum yum yum! now I have a shiny Kroger and Game Stop card in my wallet! Good day was yesterday.
today was good too. it's my day off so I've just been airing out the house again since it was BEEEEYOOOOTIFUUULL out today. lulu and i even went on a walk! now she's sleeping and i'm waiting for Josh to get home so i can go do a bit of shopping
i also trimmed my bangs because i want to keep my bangs i don't want to grow them out, okay? We'll see how I feel once they reach my eyebrows again!
I alsoooooo baked my first loaf of home made bread! it came out SORT OF doughy but it's still good. I'd like to try again soon.

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