Monday, February 14, 2011

woo doggy!

I have to be up 6 in hours because it's printing day at the paper so Josh won't have time to come get me at 10 to bring me to work so I am going in at 7:45 when he leaves for work. I'm going to sit in the deli for 2 hours and work on the zine that I've been "in the midst of" for MONTHS now ugh.
today was sooo pretty out! Sadly I didn't spend much time outside because our neighbors were outside all day and honestly, they kind of weird me out. I did open all the windows in the house and sat in the living room and crafted for a bit, watched Year of the Dog, did some dishes, swept ALL of the house, washed my hair, ate lunch(an ACTUAL lunch! noodles & steamed cali mix veggies!),emailed my representative to vote for an animal cruelty bill and all that goooood stuff.
heart bag
Josh came home from the candidate conference thing that he had to go to and in his hands he had Alice in Wonderland and a kiss for me, a can of food for Lulu, a can of food for Olive Oyl and some yummy dinner stuff for the both of us!
and he got to work in the kitchen!
josh made us dinner tonight

All in all it was a very good productive day! now onto sleepyland and we'll be good to go!
On second thought, I'm not too keen on going to work tomorrow because the person that I had a conflict with on Sunday might be working and I'm still not ready to see that face. It made me so so mad that I am sure I was red as a beet. we'll see!

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