Saturday, January 29, 2011

today was my day off! It was GORGEOUS outside! josh decided to use his 1 day off this week(the newspaper biz DOES keep him mad busy!) to decompress at home, while I used mine to drive around,listen to Dinosaur Jr. with the windows rolled down,yard sale some and do the laundry.
this evening we made pizza together! I had a tomato,cucumber,garlic,green onion,moz cheese(& pizza blend!) pizza with a little bit of sauce and mushrooms and josh had a pepperoni,pizza blend & moz cheese,mushroom,garlic pizza. We had a lot of fun making them together. he calls me a "Pizza Pro" because i used to work at a pizza place. I told him that the guy who owned the place was just "a fat guy from New York who listened to The Cramps all the time". I sometimes miss being 16 and working in a hot,humid pizza shop!

suuuch a good day!


the river

i also made a facebook page for fluffy cat puffy!

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