Friday, January 28, 2011


if i could have afforded it/didn't have the mind to worry about other people, i would have taken the entire week off of work. i do believe that this is my body's reaction to me either 1)stopping eating meat 2)being in close quarters with complete strangers or 3) just being sick.
i find it funny that i got sick after i stopped eating meat and bossman re-did the bagging situation to where we are in closer quarters with the customer. like, for real funny not just "ha ha. funny joke" funny.
but, i do worry about other people and i cannot afford to take a day off of work so i stock my apron full of tissues,nasal decongestants,cough drops(not pictured,i have like 3 different kinds in my apron pocket...)and saline spray. INSANE! IN-SANE!
tomorrow i have a day off so it's going to be spent at the laundrymat and the post office.

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