Saturday, January 22, 2011

so i guess one of my wisdom teeth are coming in? a wisdom tooth? any way. i worked the earlyyyyyy shift today which is kind of blech but it made the day go by quicker because before 9,nobodys really in the store. but 5:15Am sure does come quick when you cant fall asleep before 2Am! Yipes!
after work,amber picked me up and we went to our co-workers baby shower. we both felt severely under dressed but we had a good time any way! that was my first baby shower. now i just want to curl up on the couch,watch some tv and fall asleep soundly. josh is out doing a story on this family that races RC cars! Exciting!!
oh oh oh! I got a package from Diandra! THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION! I love love love love it so much! It's an AWESOME fit and even buttons over my ahem...tatas! Exciting!
ghost world

glitter face

ghost world

canadians officially rule! well not that you didn't before,but you get it!

my next day off is tuesday and that doesn't really sound THAT far away but i feel like it's going to be a longish week. Oh well! I'll make the best of it that i can! that's all you can do,right? but i work early in the morning tomorrow with a co-worker that only works one day a week since she has another job and she's pretty fun to talk to! She has a motorized scooter that she rode to the store all the time when she worked in the summer before she got her new job. So Cute!

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  1. OMG yayayayay! it looks so good on you! i'm so happy it got a good home. xO