Friday, January 21, 2011

Picture 2
inspired by Giant Dwarf's Starlette Crown. it's glittery but you obviously can't tell.

buy the real thing here!

josh is running late to pick me up but i'm going to be at work an hour and a half early so i've brought Food Brain(yes! I'm FINALLY starting on the zine!)and some yarn to work with.
one of these days i'll take proper pictures that don't include a webcam. but it's so easy when it's 11:30 at night.but,that's what i made last night. I'm really enjoying it and wearing it to work today. it's also a googly eye shoe kind of day so i'm wearing those too.
josh is driving up now! Have a good Friday!

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  1. I LOVE THAT!!!!
    sorry it took so long to send out your package; it's going out tomorrow :*