Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today was my day off so I made chocolate chip cookies! i also made some mac n cheese for lunch and lounged around in my pajamas and warm boots all day! well, i still am lounging in them!
I just filed my taxes for the first time ever! i don't know how I got money back but I did! I chose to get it put on one of those refund cards so the money should be to me by the end of February,hopefully!
but sadly, I am already looking to see where the money will go!
First up, a pair of TOM'S that i've been jonesing after ever since Amber got a pair and I saw how cute/comfy they were in real life.
I'm thinking the Gold Glitters
tax return sweet relief???
they are so cute!
Maybe another tattoo and pay March's electricity bill? we'll see! I'm excited! I guess i entered everything correctly because it kept saying I did so nobody in a black suit should be coming to my door any time soon! Hehe

This morning Lulu woke me up (I fell asleep on the couch againnn) but whining at the front door. She doesn't ever do this unless someone is already awake. then i heard more whining! I looked out on our porch and this is what i found
pup pup we found this morning
He was SOAKING WET! and cold and hungry. he was so so sweet. But, we couldn't keep him. I really wanted to but the reality of having TWO dogs and one really sassy kitty, just didn't work out in my head as much as I wanted to.so,I called city hall and had the city shelter come and get him. we cuddled on the couch for an hour and he gave me sweet puppy kisses and I can't lie so i'm going to say that I shed a few tears when I handed him over! :(


  1. Is this weird?
    I like your flickr, bunches actually. And I like it here too.
    I like your life and you're cute.
    P.S. Good job on the puppy cuddles before someone came to pick 'em up.

  2. So totally NOT weird!
    thank you thank you thank you pretty lady! <3 <3

    my boyfriend had said that he had seen him running down the road a few times this week but he just figured he was running home so he didn't think anything of it. but he had no collar :( I put up an ad on Craig's List and on the local no-kill shelter's facebook in hopes that someone goes and gets the poor little critter. He was too good with my other dog to not have an owner. so so sweet